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 ----------Max Corbacho - Source of Present

October 2017
Drifting spacey ambient electronica.
Source of Present is a assemblage of six silken, deeply-immersive ambient experiences. Like the pull of an enormous galactic ocean Max Corbacho's compositions here heave and roll in tranquil immensity, waves and swells of sound shifting, rising, falling in multiple tides. Having the cover art in mind one can't escape the association between the mesmeric music and the lush colours of the visual imagery - vivid tonal hues bathe the senses in deep saturation, fluid drones and glossy textures luxuriating in endless expanse. Shadows of purple, indigo and mauve seem perfect for this music since there is a gorgeous gloom laying down a constant undertow to the infusions of warmth and soft brightnesses that light the way. Each track fades gently into the next in such a fluid way as to act as an unbroken whole, the relative fleeting nature of the central tracks emphatic and tight whilst embraced by the overarching tenor and traction of the central theme such that their contributions are of equal weight.

ARTWORK   Source of Present arrives in a richly-hued card digipack of two panels. Cover art, created by Max Corbacho himself, is intriguingly ambiguous and engrossing: twin bands of crystalline light shaft across the front cover in lustrous diagonals, darkness massing around like an enveloping shroud. Purple depths support lilac and ice-blue highlights, each in constant interplay with the other. The rear cover holds track titles, the inner left panel presents relevant credits and website information; simple, minimal, elegant.
OVERALL    This latest album from Spanish ambient master Max Corbacho delivers a highly refined ambient experience. This is serene, floatation music of a sublime nature - delicate, subtle, serene, carrying the listener afar. Tracks range from the twenty three minute forty four second opener The Beginning of Remembering via three shorter pieces, Transparent Phenomena being the shortest at just less than four and a half minutes, to a pair of epics at the end of nearly nineteen and thirteen minutes respectively. Max Corbacho seems to sink his beautiful sounds in ever greater lustre and sheen - the clarity, vibrance and intensity of Source of Present being top notch. Explore the Max Corbacho website for more information, visit the Max Corbacho Bandcamp page for music samples or follow Max on Facebook to keep up withy the latest news.

Max Corbacho has been crafting electronic soundscapes for almost two decades and has progressively refined his space ambient style since his debut, Vestiges, appeared in 1998. Experimenting and forcing the limits of looping, reverb, Fx processing, and sequencing, Corbacho strengthens the oceanic character of his albums and intensifies its time-suspending quality. Source of Present starts through the magmatic flow of "The Beginning of Remembering", the first track of this new album, created during long sessions between 2015 and 2017. Dramatically, the music moves slowly as cosmic, nebulous, expansive stratums, orbiting into the boundaries of consciousness. Focused on the more intimate and oceanic side of Corbacho, a voice with which he began a long time ago with the soft interaction between textured layers and dense mercurial harmonies, the enveloping sound of these pieces forms a fine harmonic fabric. Gradually, this music manages to install us in a mental zone only established in the present moment, like a disconnection from all the noise and mental chatter that surrounds us in daily life. It moves smoothly like long slow waves, perhaps here calmer and softer than in recent works, giving continuity to the line undertaken in the double album The Ocean Inside.

“I have selected this group of pieces from a large number that was already created. Max says. The first piece to be composed was 'The Beginning of Remembering'. The time spent in the studio I remember as a cloud of calm, with the soft colors of the hybrid harmonic tonalities gradually changing and creating a myriad of sound waves, imperceptibly morphing and at the same time repeating itself in distant echoes.”

Max creates a special timbric quality in his music by mixing shades and textures, that shift with each other and produce a hypnotic, decelerating, sedative effect. At the same time, the power and energy of some passages penetrate dramatically into the very mystery of life. One can choose how one wants to listen to this music, if in an attentive way, by getting involved in listening, or as a sound background filling daily activities in the day and night. In both ways, the reward is a wondrous, deep and dreamy journey.