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 ----------Various Artists - Greenosophy II (Collected by Mizoo)
February 2017
Ambient electronica.
Greenosophy Chapter II ascends smoothly out of silence into a mesmeric, drifting zone of sound that is Algun Dia, lit by soft, gentle, repeating electronic chimes, revolving around in soothing repetition. Since each track segues into the next, this initial tranquillity is gradually developed and bolstered across the breath of the collection: a muted, padding beat in the second track, a more lively downtempo groove in track three, a tripping train-like rhythm to Security that eventually pumps into Aes Dana's pair of tracks in the middle of the journey. The second half builds more of a weighty sound, darker in places, more strident, delicate interludes though at every corner. Greenosophy Chapter II has a sombre tone to much its serenity well captured in the shadowy cover image, restricted melodies, throbbing rhythms, dark drones. The whole album is very hypnotic, only infrequently lifting slightly out of this lulling spell such as during the somewhat climactic surge and the driving beat of I Awake feat. Hybrid Leisureland's Metaworld.
ARTWORK   This is a truly beautiful package, tactile, engrossing, beguiling. Greenosophy comes in a three-panel digipack with imagery that is an absolute delight: complex, organic forms, their fragility softened by tight depth of focus spread out across the whole panorama inside and out. Myriad little bulbs on the finest of stalks form fields of strange intrigue, variations in the theme running throughout the glossy booklet tucked into an end of the sleeve. Track titles are on the rear cover and again on page one; no text mars the imagery of most of the booklet. Information is found inside the back cover aside a portrait of the curator Mizoo.
OVERALL    The follow-up to 2012's original Greenosophy assembles Ultimae and downtempo regulars with less well-known artists Aes Dana, Cell, Miktek, Scann-Tec, I Awake, Ovnimoon, Claudio Prc, Mystic Crock and Ascendant for a serious-minded excursion through some rather cerebral ambience and low-bpm flow and pulse music. Ten tracks that demand close, attentive listening for greatest impact (head phones certainly reward the effort), very clean professional sheen and technically flawless. If you enjoyed Greenosophy Chapter I this is surely an automatic purchase, if not have a listen at Ultimae's Bandcamp page or the official Ultimae website.