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Morpheus Music Micro-Interviews consist of three brief, no-nonesense questions that can be absorbed quickly and digested easily. We ask the same questions to all artists so that we get to see different views on the same matters. We really appreciate these great musicians giving us their time and we certainly enjoy the opportunity to have a little more insight into their thinking.

  -----Chad Hoefler


  -----Igneous Flame

Q: What drives you to make music?   As a child, I spent much of my time chasing insects and spiders and overturning rocks to uncover astonishingly strange and novel worlds. I have always been haunted by the elegance and poetic beauty of the natural world, which has fueled my impetus to make music. Early on, it also became rapidly clear to me that I will never travel greatly in space or time; I will never be able to fly by my own volition, etc. But I can attempt to capture what I imagine those experiences might be like via music and sound sculpture. Sound is a wonderful tool to use to convey something that is beyond our ability to describe in words. We also tend to under appreciate just how influential sound is on our brain chemistry.   Q: What drives you to make music?  

I've made music of one form or another for over 20 years. Music is the primary means for my artistic self expression. It's now become 'automatic', in that it's a large part of how I define myself. I couldn't envisage not creating / listening to music.

In a sense, I'm addicted to it!

Q : Why did you choose to work under your own name?  

I use my real name because a moniker or pseudonym simply did not appeal to me (and I confess that I simply didn’t give it much thought).

  Q : Why did you choose the name Igneous Flame?
  Pete Kelly is a rather ordinary and common name, so I wanted to use a pseudonym with a bit more of an air of mystery. The name 'Igneous Flame' has resonances for me of volcanic activity, magma/lava and 'the fire below'- hidden/buried energy. It suits the esoteric nature of my music - Darkness, brightness and what's in between.
I think the importance of artist's names, track titles and CD artwork are somewhat overlooked, particularly the artwork, which is usually created by the artist themselves.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

Only having one CD to my name, I suppose that my response to this question is limited (but a new CD is in production!). My debut represents a lot of things: some things I like, some things make me cringe. However, I especially like the tone that I captured: there is a marriage of deep and gurgling soundworlds with the concept of inevitability.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

I'm pleased with the track 'Ooman' from my 'Tolmon' release, I heard it playing in a cavernous shopping centre space a few years ago and it created a huge, swirling, malevolent sound.
As an album 'Intox' is the most consistent in its tone (which is very dark!).
In general, While my material is ambient, there's enough going on to listen to it in an 'active' mode.



  -----Pole Folder


  -----Between Interval

Q: What drives you to make music?   Well I think it's a natural function for me like breathing. I can't imagine my life without spending hours in studio every days.


  Q: What drives you to make music?   Most of the times it comes naturally. I want to create the kind of music that I enjoy listening to myself. So on one hand it's a very egoistical thing - I want to make music for myself. But on the other hand, to actually create something that people all around the world can listen to - and hopefully enjoy - that is a very satisfactory feeling.
Q : Why did you choose the name Pole Folder ?   I wanted to find with an artist name which sounds like a real name but also with
some connection with my musical environnement. So I used two words used in the sampler to construct my artist name, the Pole of the "pole filters" and the
Folder (where we put the sounds).
  Q : Why did you choose the name Between Interval?   When I started making music back in 1996, I was strictly into club music. I then used a few different pseudonyms, basically for two reasons: I used one pseudonym for each musical genre, which makes it easier for the listener to find what he or she wants. The second reason was to draw more attention to the music itself, instead of to me and my name. I think it gives a somewhat mysterious feeling to the music when using a pseudonym. The name Between Interval reflects that my ambient music originally was meant to be a pause from my club music. However, for me it also means to take a break from the 'real world', and escape into the realm of ambient and space music.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

That's a very difficult question for me as I love all the tracks of my album and I can't choose one between the others. Like a father who loves all his children.
I think Zero Gold is also a complete project with every track connected to the other ones, this connection gives them, I hope, a strongest power also. Same process as the connection between people in life.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?  

It's difficult to choose since all music I create means much to me. I want to mention my album Secret Observatory though. I had lots of fun creating that album, and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.



  -----Kaya Project



Q: What drives you to make music?  

I guess it's a fascination with the whole creative process. Before I found music I was constantly drawing. I can't imagine a life without that sense of creative purpose & feeling like you're doing exactly what you're meant to be doing on this planet. A sense of obligation to the higher power of your muse! I'm very thankful for it.

  Q: What drives you to make music?   My singing is very much inspired by pain, sadness and distress that I either see or live myself on a daily basis. I know it might sound depressing somehow, but the way I deliver my vocals and write my lyrics, allows me to put a hopeful twist on the music beneath me. Singing has given me the freedom to live these feelings that would have been otherwise stored deep within - leaving me with toxic and lethal emotions destroying my being sowly.
Q : Why did you choose the name Kaya Project?   Most people assume it's from the Bob Marley track meaning Ganja. But actually I got it from the 'Tri-Kaya' in Tibbetan Buddism. A while ago I became very interested in the '3 in One' aspects of pretty much all belief systems. EG. - Mind, Body & Spirit; Father, Son & Holy Ghost; Psychon, Codon & Somaton; Information, energy, Matter....etc...etc.... the 'tri-kaya' is the "three bodies of buddha". & I think it sounds cool :)
  Q : Why did you choose the name Amethyste?   I am really fortunate to be able to use my name for my musical endeavors. The Amethyst Crystals are filled with positive properties ranging from spiritual growth, happiness to harmony within self.
Amethyst is also believed to be the transmitter of the healing power of the universe.
I 'd like to think that this description fits me rather well :)
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

Hmmm....I don't think I've written it yet :) But if I had to choose then it would have to be the latest Kaya Project Album 'Elixir on Interchill Records'. Although I can't take all the credit for that one as there were so many talented people involved in it's making.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

Oh My! That is a tricky question ;)
Every piece that I do is really different from the next. My music is really a diary of what I have felt on a certain day and is a constant reminder of my existence here on this planet. I have to say that my producer ( Gunnar Spardel ) is a huge inspiration for me - we really know each other well, and collaborating with him has been a blessing.
"Wandering Flame" is one of my favorites: After being adrift for what it seems like an eternity, looking in all the wrong places, love will always find a home --> within your own heart.