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Morpheus Music Micro-Interviews consist of three brief, no-nonesense questions that can be absorbed quickly and digested easily. We ask the same questions to all artists so that we get to see different views on the same matters. We really appreciate these great musicians giving us their time and we certainly enjoy the opportunity to have a little more insight into their thinking.
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Q: What drives you to make music?   I can say, it's like the faith... it' like to be mystic... I need 's a question of "to be alive" but it depends, most of the time of my feelings. And it's more easy to me to write something or compose when I'm sad...but sometimes when I'm very happy it works too.   Q: What drives you to make music?   The need for expression; the desire to touch other hearts. In my perception, music is an emotional vehicle far more honest and intimate than spoken words. It pierces through cultures and political borders reaching for sensible spirits
regardless of the little differences that prevent us from other forms of communication. I make music because it gives wings to my soul and sets my emotions free.
Q : Why did you choose the name Aude?   It's my real name...and I couldn't take another one will be
another not me...
Maybe Icould change just for a new project with a group!
  Q : Why did you choose the name Australis?   Taken from the ancient tongue that forged many modern languages, the name "Australis" is full of meaning to me and the music I create. It comes from the old latin that means "from the south" which relates to the millenary culture that surrounded my first decades of life and that invariably has shaped my spirit.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

I suppose that I'm happy each time I do something new but for the first
album I'm crazy about the track "Leonie" because it's dark and deep
inside for me and very exiting to sing!
And for the next album I'm happy about a sweet song I wrote for a's a's hard for me to sing it because I'm always about to cry...if you come to the concert the 30th May in Paris you will understand....


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

Since composing is for me an intense emotional process, I find this question difficult to answer without feeling I am beeing incomplete.
I could however mention "Turning Point", from the debut album "Lifegiving", as a particular one. Life has special moments that shake our foundations and change our points of view thereafter. "Turning Point", inspired in personal experience I must admit, describes one of those lifechanging moments.
Another particular piece is "Sacred Earth" from the same album. Painted with the acoustic sounds of disappearing ethnos, that piece speaks musically about the long broken relationship that once existed between men and nature when we still considered ourselves part of an important balance. During the production of "Sacred Earth" I had the honor of having the participation of a performer of native instruments from South America which greatly contributed to this piece's special colors and message.


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Q: What drives you to make music?   A love, passion and fascination with sound and its ability to express and communicate anything and everything through it!

Music is a unique medium in that it allows powerful communication without the barrier of language.

  Q: What drives you to make music?   The feeling when creating a new track, particularly the moment when an idea starts to come together, is a great feeling; the rest of the world melts away as you become more and more absorbed with the music. You feel a sense of freedom and my hope is that I can transmit this feeling to the people listening to it. I imagine the urge to create music is the same as any artistic discipline; creating for creation’s sake. It’s also great fun using all the great new effects and tricks in modern music technology! When I was younger listening to bands like Ozric Tentacles and Banco de Gaia really sparked my interest in music technology. I just had to know how the hell they were making all those great sounds!
Q : Why did you choose the name Gaudi?   I didn’t choose this name, Gaudi is my Mum’s surname, my name is Daniel.
  Q : Why did you choose the name Spatialize?   A friend of mine (who is now playing live synths with me) saw the name “The Spatializer” on an arcade game. He thought that would be a cool name for a music project….so I stole it off him! I didn’t know at the time but it’s also a real verb. If you type Spatialize into a search engine you get a whole load of crazy stuff about spatializing time, history and sound. The sound of the word also just seemed to fit what I was trying to achieve with music i.e. to feel spatial and free…and it just stuck. Everybody spells it wrong or mixes it up with Spiritualized though!
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

Last year I had the honour of remixing Bob Marley - an artist who, for me, epitomized with his work what music is all about. He truly broke down barriers with his music, spreading positive vibes and uniting people of all races and beliefs.

I have the same feeling about my most recent production of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – another universal ambassador of spiritual positivity.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

I’m sure this is a common answer but it’s usually the track that I am working on at that present time or the last one I have finished. At present I’m just getting into using Logic and so I’m enjoying the fresh and modern sound that I’m making with that. Usually the best tracks aren’t too linear and sound to you like something you wouldn’t have done yourself. I suppose I’m trying to make music that I would describe as sonic ambience; ambient music with a solid backbone and a sonic tinge because ambient music doesn’t have to be boring! The last fully completed track (for future release) is one called “Mu” and that comes quite close to that aim for me. My favourite though off the first album is Lunar Space Dub because the atmospheres seem to have a life of their own and I’m still digging that bassline….


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Q: What drives you to make music?   I haven't really choosen to make music. I think it's a natural thing. How can we fight against Nature?   Q: What drives you to make music?   Many things drive me to make music, such as an inspirational landscape, personal spirituality, and life in general. But the music comes naturally, nothing in particular is in my mind when the music is initially created, but as the music creation evolves I begin to visualize and realize the inspiration for the music.
Q : Why did you choose the name Cell?   I like the idea of cell...a very small organism, which can live without anything else, in a good environment, comfortable.   Q : Why did you choose the name Numina?   When I first bought Robert Rich's CD "Numena" over 10 years ago I looked up the meaning - which means the idea that there is life in inanimate objects - and I discovered a few different spellings for the word and went with "Numina" as a project name because I felt its meaning connects so well with the creation of music.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

My favourite track is "Phonic Peace For Tibet" (on the album "Phonic Peace"-Indica Music). It's my favourite one 'cause it's like a small revolution, like a prayer, very sweet, very smooth. And I feel really concerned about the Tibet problem, too.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

This is a hard one. I'm quite happy with everything, but I will have to break it down into two releases. My first release, "Evolving Visions" really was the catalyst for where I am today with my music. Evolving Visions was my official first release for Numina and it was the album that fine tuned the Numina sound and vibe and so much of that album was created under intense moods at the time. The other release, which I am most proud of, is "Sanctuary of Dreams" (On Hypnos Recordings). Sanctuary of Dreams was the culmination of several years of introspective thoughts and feelings and ultimately, I think, the best production I had ever done on an album up to that point. It's deep, intricate, and harbors a lot of personal emotions for me.

Jesse Sola