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Morpheus Music Micro-Interviews consist of three brief, no-nonesense questions that can be absorbed quickly and digested easily. We ask the same questions to all artists so that we get to see different views on the same matters. We really appreciate these great musicians giving us their time and we certainly enjoy the opportunity to have a little more insight into their thinking.

 Alpha Wave Movement



Q: What drives you to make music?   I work a dull 9 to 5 currently during the day and I have absolutely no time to be creative at work so after hours music is my way of extruding the creative process for me. I enjoy creating music, especially instrumental music because anyone who has ears can listen to it no matter what country they may live in or
language they may speak. I like the fact that there are no words in my music except the universal language of vibration and sound to carry my message to the receivers. Its a very cathartic for me.
  Q: What drives you to make music?   The inspiration or drive is always different, but I think the fundamental similarity is that I am always trying to bring something from another plane of experience into the here and now.
Q : Why did you choose the name Alpha Wave Movement?   I wanted to portray the music without the usual imagery of pop music which is dominated by image more than quality of the music. I also wanted to use a name that had some tie in with brainwave activity. Theta, beta and alpha are present in all of us and at different times of the day we are on those channels. Well when I compose my music its usually at night or in the early morning when I am running on a different wavelength so to speak.
  Q : Why did you choose the name Bluetech?   The name Bluetech just made sense at the time I needed to pick a name. I love blue, and I'm definitely into the Tech. I guess Blue Technologies are the technologies of communication and expression.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?    Tough question. I really enjoy all the music I have created so far. Since I have very little music training when I go back to certain cds I am astonished at how I got to creating certain pieces.

I really enjoyed creating A Distant Signal and perhaps a wonderful live improve
piece titled Sailing Orion on Cosmology which was off the cuff with two fellow
musicians Jim Cole and Christopher Cameron. Distant was my ode to all my
influences from TD, Serrie, Eno and of course the late Carl Sagan.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

I'm probably most happy with whatever I am working on at the moment, because whatever track I am writing is always an expression of what is happening for me at the time. That track is my favorite until I start working on something new.



 -----MIDIval PunditZ



Q: What drives you to make music?   The love for music itself drives us to make it. We get inspired by different events in our lives and its like an urge to express our experiences in the form of music that drives us.   Q: What drives you to make music?   We were both in bands. Mythos was a chance for us to write outside of the pop/rock box. The only criterion was that it had to be beautiful - so we were able to let our influences go wild. In fact, we started Mythos as a way to showcase our music for film and television. It took on a life of its own.

So, what drives us to make music? This may sound funny - but it is actually
music that drives us. We wake up every day with the desire to create. Mythos is
that outlet. Paul and I are very proud of what we have made. We have ben working
on album 5 for some time and hope to have it completed soon.

Bob - Mythos March 2005

Q : Why did you choose the name MIDIval PunditZ?   Both of us are 'pandits' according to the ancient system of castes in India. Pandits are Brahmins or the decendants of the family of priests from different parts of India. Gaurav is a Pandit from the Kashmir area and I am a Pandit from the Punjab area in India. So a little playing around with the name along with the term MIDI which we use a lot for our productions gave us this band name.
  Q : Why did you choose the name Mythos?   Paul and I were trying to find something that matched the sound of our music - ambient, ethereal, instrumental, timeless - I began to research ancient myths - then I saw that Mythos is the Greek root for the English word Mythology - it fit perfectly with what we were.

Bob - Mythos March 2005

Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

This question will have different answers depending on when we answer it. Currently we are very excited about our new album - MIDIval Times which comes out in April. The reason for this being that the record accurately describes whats going on in our minds musically right now. Its like an honest opinion about what we feel in relation to the world around us today.



  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   "November" from album "Mythos" was a defining piece of music for us and has
appeared in many comilations and certainly received the most attention by the music industry. Each album has a special piece for me - "Kaleidoscope" from album "Reality of a Dreamer" and "Ascent" from album "Eternity" stand out for me.

As far as personal performance - I was really happy with "Introspection", the
piano piece from "Mythos". I wrote this in one session beginning to end. It was
a gift.



 Carbon Based Lifeforms


 -----Jens Gad

Q: What drives you to make music?   Since we are terribly bad at finding music that we actually like we simply had to create our own.
Another reason for us making music in the first place is our fascination for the technological possibilities in electronic music
  Q: What drives you to make music?   It´s an urge... a necessity ... the output for my emotions ... a totally natural process ... my big passion.
Being able to make a living from that is maybe the biggest gift apart from my wife and my kids.
Q : Why did you choose the name Carbon Based Lifeforms?   The name is, as most people would guess/know, sci-fi related.
We feel a connection between the CBL tracks and the organic structure of nature itself.
The music IS organic as a direct reflection of the of the creators behind it.
  Q : Why did you choose to work under your own name?   Enigma was a phantastic and privileged start, my connection to Michael still is absolutely great, BUT all this experience has made a lot of hunger for many many other things, especially more experimental music like Enigma makes you want to try out all weird and unique kinds of music styles, there´s still so much possible in this business, we have to follow the principle of breaking the rules, and the global music scene had never been more open to that than now.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

The answer is, without a doubt, Hydroponic Garden.
Mostly due to the fact that the song was the result of a completely inspired moment which almost caused the track to fulfill itself.
Hydroponic Garden well captured the essence of what we wanted to sound like at the time.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?  

Concerning Enigma that´s "Push the Limits" from E4, I think it´s a nice driving track - we´ve used a drum pattern as a hook, then there´s almost nothing in it following the rules of pop music, look at the endless drum passage in the middle - I just like it.
Then choosing from my own projects I´d consider "The Seeress Prophecy - Daydreaming" from Achillea (these days on the market on a great track because of the vocal cutting/gating of singer Helene Horlyck´s voice - also "Shears from Scar" I consider quite innovative - the whole vocal track is completely reversed and so gets a totally different "not from this world" kind of feel... a techique we´ve also used on "Endless Quest" on E4.
All the best - Jens Gad