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Morpheus Music Micro-Interviews consist of three brief, no-nonesense questions that can be absorbed quickly and digested easily. We ask the same questions to all artists so that we get to see different views on the same matters. We really appreciate these great musicians giving us their time and we certainly enjoy the opportunity to have a little more insight into their thinking.



 -----Thom Brennan

Q: What drives you to make music?   It´s a passion that caught me long ago when I was a child. My father worked in South Africa and brought some Zulu records with him. At the age of 4 I listened to these records on and on and danced to them. At this time there was no internet, no world music and I had no clue about world music.

It took me a long time to produce the music I like – the mixture between different styles of world music and electronic.

I also have a passion for different cultures (I am travelling a lot) and to communicate through music is such a perfect way of peace.

  Q: What drives you to make music?   I really can’t answer that specifically. I am largely inspired by landscapes, and tend to think of most of my music as an impression in sound, of some environment that moved me. I wonder often why, we as human beings, can look at a panorama, and see beauty in it. What is it that makes us see beauty in a darkening sky, or something as simple and routine as a setting sun?
I think it’s our awareness of something much greater than ourselves, and that mystery is what inspires me. It’s never a literal translation of the landscape. To do that I would use samples, and environmental sounds. Instead, it is an impression that I try to express through a musical structure.
Q : How did you choose the name Ikarus?   Well it was the idea of my brother and I really like the name and greek mythology. Ikarus came too near to the sun and crashed - I hope this won´t happen to me! ;-)   Q : Why did you choose to work under your own name rather than create one?   I gave that a lot of thought, and decided that to create a false name, would draw attention to the name rather than the music. I never feature images of myself either - for the same reason. Each album is a musical statement - and I want it to stand on its own without the influence of a band name, personality, or some other marketing handle.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?    As a musician I am most happy with the album (Breathing Cultures) I have just done. It´s my way to some new influences and working together with new singers was really great.

There is a big artist community online - I have contacted 1 Giant Leap for example and did a remix for them (feat. Robbie Williams&Maxi Jazz). I think this would not have been possible without the internet!


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

Generally I think of each album as a single piece of music. In the case of SATORI, and BENEATH CLOUDS, they are completely one piece of music.
However MIST, is the album that came closest to realizing my original concept, and it remains my favourite. It was the most focused and the one I am most satisfied with.
However, certain individual pieces hold special meaning for me - especially "Habu Valley" and "Mountains", off the album MOUNTAINS.



 -----Robert Miles



Q: What drives you to make music?  

It’s in my blood I suppose... I always try hard to have at least one section in any of my tracks that will give me/the listener some sort of ‘well being’ sensation when listening to it...that’s what really drives me to make music. It’s a constant challenge (I LOVE challenges!) that pushes me to try different things, create new vibes and convey emotion through my music. It’s like food for brain and soul.

  Q: What drives you to make music?   My desire to share what I learn on my quest.
Q : Why did you choose to work under the name Robert Miles rather than create a band name?   When I was living in Italy I used to go under the name of Roberto Milani. After having released Children , the original version, some other DJ’s took advantage of the fact that nobody knew my face and started doing DJ gigs under my name (what people do to make some money!) ....that’s when I decided to change Milani into Miles...I thought it sounded a bit more ‘international’ :)...and I started putting pictures of myself on the record sleeves...

Saying that, I am considering reverting back to using my real name (especially for soundtracks compositions): Roberto Concina. How does that sound?
Also, I am starting a new project with a different name Robert Miles will be only one of three projects I will be working on regularly.

  Q : How did you choose the name Atman?   Atman means Spirit in Sanskrit.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

That’s a good question! Difficult to say really...every track has a special meaning to me….

However, I think that Miles_Gurtu is definitively the album that I enjoy listening to the most...followed by Organik.
Sometimes I listen to 23am and really like “Everyday Life”....

Dreamland still sounds good after all these years...


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   



Right now, Atman's latest album, "India Club & Lounge".
Its a double CD with remixes from a contest we have sponsored on the internet.
I feel proud to have worked with so many talented artists from all over the world.





 -----Matt - Ishq

Q: What drives you to make music?   It just flows naturally, although I’ve to admit that it has been a difficult process just prior to my first 2 albums for Relapse Records. I have been recording and ‘living’ in the ambient scene for almost 15 years when I suddenly came at a crossing point and didn’t know where to turn to. Being slightly disappointed by the lack of interest in challenges, I realized that a majority of people wanted me to record one of my most harmonic and calm albums over and over again instead of trying to push the sonic boundaries. Each time I explored such new terrain listeners disapproved. The vision blurred and I knew that I had to change directions in order to refresh my creative spirit. I guess the main source for inspiration continues to be the flow of the moment itself, outside the theoretical plan ahead of what I want to achieve, and listening to a variety of music. Found out that having an open ear for other genres helps you in realizing the vision more smoothly you want to persue.   Q: What drives you to make music?   Both a combination of just enjoying making sounds and music and using the technology and a passion for music of all kinds. Evolution plays a large part in my mental intent musically I guess or the belief that music can communicate ideas and thoughts and feelings that words can't .
Q : How did you choose the name vidnaObmana?   I never liked the idea of using my real name since it would link my own personality immediately and automatically to the music I was going to make. Always felt that the music was independent enough to stand on its own, apart from how I personally live my life or what my concept is of life, and I’m still convinced it has been the best way to portray my music. I like it when people refer to vidnaObmana as entity rather than a person. Translated from the former Serbo-Croation language, vidnaObmana means ‘optical illusion’. A definition I continue to support as I firmly believe music is such an universal way of expression and art I avoid any kind of pre-consumed philosophy in order to give the listener’s own perception complete freedom and as far as possible away from attaching publicly a personal agenda to every new work. But apart from this concept, I've been evaluating the idea of using a few alternative names which can give me the chance of expanding my musical horizon without linking it directly to vidnaObmana. We'll see how this will evolve over time.   Q : How did you choose the name Ishq?   Its a Sufi word which is used as a greeting like ' hello ' but also means ' love '. Possibly indian in origin but was taken from a book about a sufi traveller and his adventures. I chose the name as I was looking for something both slightly idm and electronica sounding but also something which had meaning. After choosing the name the music then kind of evolved around this.
Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   

I firmly believe that realizing the recent Dante trilogy (Tremor, Spore and the forthcoming Legacy CD's) was the most ambitious project I’ve done so far. Not only musically stepping back into the past and using elements from my industrial period like distortion, feedback and more dissonant themes but also since it again found me on the edge of something unknown. Really proud of what I’ve been able to realize and it’s thank to the faith of label Relapse it became reality. All 3 albums show a great deal of changing and especially the forthcoming Legacy album with fantastic guestappearances by Steve Von Till (Neurosis) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) confirms my interest in fusing various genres together to make it my own. It has been an intense process from start to finish but it gave me fresh energy and brought back the focus I missed prior to this period of recording.


  Q : What’s the piece of music that you are most happy with from your own output and why?   




Bhakti I guess on Orchid is the one track, the other one I was very pleased with is called Sol, it only ever got on a compilation so I will be releasing it in the future on an EP I hope. All in all Ihave no favourites.