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Q: Can you tell us a bit about how you came to be writing your current style of music – how did it get started?  


During the years I've got more and more interested in exploring voices and getting back to acoustic instruments, where I began, but still in an electronic music environment. Vocals can be very effective to express emotions and Omnimotion is about expressing emotions, exploring beauty and telling stories through dreamy music. Further I wanted make a very honest album, purely what I feel inside and not supposed to be anything more or less or cool or so.

  Q :  With Dream Wide Awake being your second release- what differences are there from your first CD?


Dream Wide Awake is much more accoustic, vocal based and very diverse .
My first album, Omnimotion, is very chilled and I used the voices more as instruments there.

Q : Your sound has a distinctive intimacy about it – how do you achieve the current unique feel of Omnimotion in the studio?  

Thank you. I think that is the result of being honest and listening within and expressing what comes from within.
I love to form emotions into sounds.

  Q : How did you come to sign with Aleph-Zero and what do you like about the label?  

First, I love their releases.
They work global, professional and are very dedicated.
They are just great to have as a label.

Q : What kept your lovely track Magic Tree (that was included on Oxycanta) off the new album?  

If I was the only one selecting the tracks for this album Magic Tree would have been included. Alpeh Zero had a different opinion and I agreed on excluding it.

  Q : You have a lot of unreleased pieces and other tracks featured on various compilation CDs – what is your favourite piece from these and why?  

I believe Magic Tree is my favorite of these.
It is very special and odd track with its strange structure. A fast growing tree that creates a slow organic rhythm.
How I played the guitar making rhythms and the girl falling telling a beautiful story and falling asleep on a branch.
It's very immersive.

Q :  What is Omnimotion's imagery and what is the brief for this?  

The title speaks for itself, Dream Wide Awake.
I always strive to express the dream state, all kinds of beauty, the subtle, the innermost, the nostalgic, all sorts of genuine strong emotions.

  Q : Do you have plans for a new album? If so how do you see your sound developing?


Yes I'm already working on my new album and the plan is to collaborate again with various artists, exploring voices and acoustic elements and strive for shaping timeless immersive highly emotional music :) It will continue from the Dream Wide Awake sound and just grow from there.




Thanks to Stefan for allowing us that interview.