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30.11.04 - on release of 'Chasing Eva'.


Q: You clearly have a busy musical life - what made you want to create a solo album?   Chasing Eva is really a diary, a document of everything that has happened over the last few years. I don't find that I choose to write solo stuff, it just kinda happens and its quite cathartic.   Q:  You play most of the instruments and make most of the sounds yourself on Chasing Eva, how do you come up with new ideas?   I grab what I can find and try to make things work.
I am quite good at making broken things make noises and giving them a new lease of life.
A lot of the record was made on the move so it was a question of who and what was around at the time to join in.
Q:  How do you approach creating a new track - do you write vocals first or do you start with the music?   I can compare the process to that of an involuntary response - (like sleeping etc). You can't choose the moment it happens or how it happens, you suddenly find you are there or doing it. On my own there is no real pattern. Songs can often appear at a most inopportune moment.   Q:  Which part of the creative process gives you the most pleasure?

  I love playing and interacting with other players.
Q:  Which singers would you say have had some influence on your vocal style?

  Its just the noise that i make.   Q:  What led to you choosing Perhaps Perhaps as a cover number for the album?   I loved the song as a kid. I used to love Doris Day. My grandfather put the song on a cassette for me. I heard it again years later when I went to see Strictly Ballroom and just really wanted to sing it. I have always had a fantasy of singing in some smoky Jazz club in a fantastic dress.
Q:  The artwork with the CDs is very strong, do you personally have much involvement with that side of things?   Yes I do.   Q:  How important would you say image is to your musical career?   Change and metamorphosis keep me interested.
Q:  What one question do you think we should have asked you (but didn't) - and what's the answer?   My favourite food....
Roast dinner and good red wine, or possibly a cheese fondue and some pink champagne.
  Q:  What plans do you have for Maple Bee?  


To keep looking forward and to experiment.


Thanks to Maple Bee for allowing us that interview. Thanks also to Duff for helping to set it up.