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Q: Can you tell us a bit about your musical background - where did
your interests and abilities come from?

When I was a child, I started playing the piano learning melodies just by ear and not necessarily by learning notes.
My passion for music came from my heart, and got help from my uncle who was a dj for a long time.
When I was visiting him almost each weekend with my family - I always remember my self with head phones and small mixer listening to tunes from records that he collected.
Beside that, I've been into parties and started working in the music industry at very young age.
Another visit to Ibiza in 1997, gave me the opportunity to meet one of the great talents those days (Juan-Muses Rapt), and drove me into my dj-ing career in a professional way.

  Q :  What is the musical scene like right now in Israel?

The musical scene in Israel has changed in the last years.
The progressive sound got into the scene strongly, and the chill out and free style added to some lines of organization .from the “doof festival”, to the first “taz festival” by the 3rd empire.
Many dance bars and coffee shops also got in their lines artists that play free style.
Still-our scene is not so strong in Israel (even though we've got some nice labels such as Mighty Fat Records and Aleph Zero), as there is a lot of commercial music and too many real TV shows, that push new & not professional singers, and not the electronic music artists.
The whole market has got into a loop of music that just crushes our young and new artists in other genres.
The cd industry in Israel prefers to promote and sell “stars” of kids shows from the TV, and not to try to take risks with new artists or any electronic least not too many .
The full on style got a lot more exposure than the free style music in our land.
In any case-the electronic Israeli artists, get much more success & exposure in my opinion-out side Israel, and in fact all around the world.
I hope for more development in this area in the near future also in our small not silent land...

Q : Why Kukan Dub Lagan - the project and the name?  

Kukan Dub Lagan was created with the propose of trying out a different style of music.
After playing trance as a dj for a long time in many places around the world, I decided to produce another style of music in the hope of playing it as well.
My dream was to make an album, and to try to make people smile & feel good vibes while they listened to it.
From that time, even though I also produced trance as “ItaiTaiko”, i just fell in love with this project, that is less commercial than trance. Therefore, reaching people with this sound, was a greater challenge & vision for me.
One of the nice things in the name of Kukan Dub Lagan is that the “kukan” means “space” in Japanese, "dub" is the style, and “lagan” is a shortened form of the word “balagan” that means in Hebrew “chaos”.
For me it was the variety of the styles in the music of this project.
Still-the main sound of this project for me is dub, in my own style, always psychedelic, without any purpose to do something that sounds like others.

  Q : What did you set out to achieve with the latest album Step Ina Rasta Step?

For me this album was a real upgrade from the first album, .as “Life is Nice” was more commercial & upbeat in my opinion, this album gets more into the melodic & dubby side of me.
For exmple, the intro of this album is another style that I really love to produce, and I got a lot of this style of music in my studio - finished and in progress.
I hope to release a full cd in this style in the future.
I also hope to get to more potential customers and listeners around the world with the second album, as I believe is “easy to like” with its melodic shiny sound.

Q : How would you say your sound has progressed since Life Is Nice?  

I believe that my sound has matured. The whole concept of my sound has changed.
The melody is more developed, each of the parts and channels in each track has got its own special idea, and the quality has developed as well.
I think that by listening to my first and second album, one can surely understand the evolution of the music style.
Still - I love the first album. It's got different sound, many people love it and I am sure that there is always room for progress.

  Q : Can you tell us a bit about your methods - how do you write,
produce your music?

I don't have one regular method :) I've got many ways to produce.
If it is by playing on the piano, or by drumming on the percussion, or by recording any vocal...
I can even watch a movie, listen to one sound there and then immediately open my computer and try to produce a whole track just from that one sound that got me inspired.
I always try to make my sound as high quality as possible ... fat and warm.

Q :  What feedback from listeners have you found to be especially

Many people wrote me that the music gave them the feeling they are sitting & relaxing on the beach with a drink in their hands.
Some wrote me that the music made them smile ...
I get a lot of daily feedback, and the great thing about it is that it makes me & inspires me to make and produce more and more music.

  Q : What led up to the formation of your own record label?

The label has been created with the purpose of supporting the scene, and to bring new original sound with out the regular terms of labels that goes only on the main stream stuff.
The main purpose of the label is to release original music and to support existing artists as well as new talent, and to be direct and true with the artists we work with and will yet work with.



Q : What are your goals for the label?

  To bring some new sound to the scene.
To get into more directions and not only to the trance market.
To bring quality dj's to our group, that will be professional & unique in their way of working and sound.
  Q : You have other musical projects on the go too - can you tell us something about these?

I've got another 2 projects.
One is “ItaiTaiko”. It is my progressive trance project. I just released an album “A Little Different” on Quantic Chill Records from Portugal.
It is a different sound, and the feedback and reviews on it already mention it as a different sound in our scene. I'm already working on the second album.
Another project is “Raijin Gaijin”. It's an electro tech acid house project.
During my last gigs around the world I developed this style and I am working these days on an album, “It's Time To Spin”, that will be released under my own label “MikelaBella Reccords” in the next months.
I believe that this project will be very successful...

Q : Where do you see Kukan Dub Lagan heading in future?  

In the future I will finish the 3rd album of Kukan-DuB-Lagan, that is already in progress.
I am already in contact with some reggae singers around the world with the purpose of getting this project to more music markets.
I have got also another style of music of Kukan that I have developed.
More ethnic style, some more chill and relaxation, and I want to get with my style into sound tracks, in the hope of making people smile also in the movies ;)
I wish you my best and say “FEEL Life” as much as possible, each minute that passes.

Thanks to Itay Berger for allowing us that interview.