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Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your musical background.  

I am Tristan a french composer/arranger. I began by playing electric guitar when I was 16 and I progressively came to keyboards and machines. It offered me more autonomy and the possibility to bring my first serious projects to a successfull conclusion.

  Q :  How did the Kiss & Fly project come into being.  

I had already released two instrumental albums (Le Triste Sire) and I wanted to make something different less restrictive, with several colours of voice, but it took time to find the singers who meet the exigencies I set myself. Then I met Sandy and Mylène, you can hear them on the EP. There will be other collaborations in the album.

Q : You refer to Kiss & Fly as an 'open project' - who exactly make up the band and what does each member do?
  Actually I write, compose and arrange most of the songs. It's not really a band in the strict sense that's why I'd rather talk about project. "Open" means I can be touched by an artist's work, lyrics, composition or voice and want to bring my touch to make a complete song.   Q : What was your goal for the band? What sort of sound did you want to

  The goal was to create the music I'd like to hear. I wanted to combine symphonic instruments and electro sounds or beats in an emotional tone, but not only that, actually there's no rule and I work from instinct so nothing is really planned.
Q : Do you have any particular influences - other artists or non-musical
  Of course, Craig Armstrong is a major influence for me. Many artists reviewed on your website too, Halou or Harland for example. Literature and cinema may be inspiring (The Thin Red Line, Magnolia or Old Boy are masterpieces to me) but above all, it's life and people I meet that influences me the most.
  Q : As Kiss and Fly you have a somewhat dark edge to your sound - many
artists tend to lose this as they develop, might this happen with your music?
  I don't know what will be the future, I would just say it's hard for me to compose cheerful songs and it's not really my stuff, nonetheless Kiss & Fly' s music doesn't seem dark to me but rather melancolic.
Q :  What is the focus for the project - will you be doing live
  In the first place I am searching for a new label more suitable for Kiss & Fly's music and indeed I hope it will be possible to make it live on stage.   Q : At this point you have released a 4 track EP - is there an album on
the horizon?
  Yes, about ten tracks are almost ready waiting to be mixed.
Q :  What might we expect on a full length release?   There will be other tracks with Sandy and Mylène, several collaborations, with a jazz singer notably who joined the project for one song, a track from the electronic band 19new project that I rearranged, a couple of instrumental pieces too...    Q :  Where do you hope Kiss & Fly to go musically?  

We' ll go where my instinct and my encounters will drive me, once again nothing is fixed, trip-hop, electronica, pop, rock, anything is possible...



Thanks to Tristan for allowing us that interview.