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Q: What's your musical history - how did you get to your present

Well, I got into my present position because my father sold a lot more records than I ever will and made a lot more money which he generously passed on. Now I'm able to make some equipment purchases, stay home, make music, ...see I'm a bit of a recluse. I played in bands in the '80s, '90s, didn't really start writing music till somewhere around 1990.

  Q :  Your musical style has undergone some changes of late - what brought that about?


Probably the turn-around from writing on guitar or piano and using a reel to reel, to the tools I write with now-Logic Platinum software, samplers and synth modules, a looping device...there was a move from California to New York during this time, where I was introduced to Logic and digital recording. I grew up playing classical piano and some of those tonal sensibilities have worked their way in, as well as the blips, bleeps and deep space sounds I love. I think I have a variety of voices that found a more integrated expression through this platform. I still have more prog blood in me, and that will see the light of day in new material to be released over the next year or so.

Q : What was the driving force behind the current series of CDs you're producing - did you have a specific vision?
  I think of these pieces as sound journeys to re-connect with different states of feeling, many conflicting and complicated but hopefully towards a resolve. Being in Woodstock was a fairly isolated but emotionally dramatic time and I ended up with mountains of unfinished material that I felt overwhelmed by. Taking small bites and releasing short volumes seemed a worthwhile approach.
  Q : Was there any specific influence behind the Carrying the Bag of
Hearts series?


These pieces all reflect an experience of a sort of
soul retrieval nature, a shamanistic quest of journeying through various realms of a timeless state to regain lost parts of yourself.

Q : Can you tell us how your music comes about - what methods do you use for writing?

  Sometimes I might respond to the quality of a sound I hear while playing with libraries or while looping-I might resonate with it and in turn am inspired to develop that sound melodically. Sometimes I'll sit at the piano and plunk out chords or a movement, then put it into Logic. Of course, it will never sound the same after that. Or, I might hear a melody over a rhythmic sequence of some kind.
  Q : Is the next in the set underway? What might we expect there?

  I'm currently working on vocal versions with lyrics-music that is of the same realm but a bit more 'song' formatted. I'm not sure yet if I'll release these before the next 'atmospheric' CD but I'm preparing to go out live next year with a vocal set, so there's work on these to be done.
Q :  What is your musical ambition - if everything went according to plans and dreams, where would you like to be?

I don't know right now-to be writing music that creates an impact on people to feel more, to dream be involved in projects
That bring some benefit to the planet, human rights, animal rights...lofty and not very concrete goals at the moment.

  Q : Do you prefer working alone or would you wish to work with other
musicians should the right arrangement arise?

I like working alone but am open to working with others.

Q :  What do you consider to be the most interesting developments
going on in music right now?

This isn't so much a development but more of an acceptance of and deeper awakening to the effects of sound on consciousness-the body, emotional state, our well being. I love that there is so much magic in sound.

   Q :  Any plans beyond the Carrying the Bag of Hearts collection?  


Sure. I want to record at Real World Studios with Peter Gabriel but I don't think he knows this yet.



Thanks to Janet Robbins for allowing us that interview.