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Q: What a back catalogue you have – Delerium having grown
and evolved as one project among many. What makes
Delerium unique for you – why do you do Delerium?

Delerium, to me, is my alter ego to all the hard
music that I do. It gives me a sense of balance and peace to enable me to do all my other projects. In other words, I need them both to balance both sides of my brain.

  Q :  Now that Delerium is a well established project how
does a Delerium album get started?


Basically I spend a year or so, listening and
researching new sounds and instruments. Usually
something will catch my ear, whether a vocalist or a
song, and in this case, it was Isabelle... who
launched me into this new Delerium album. I also try
and have at least 5 or 6 rough song ideas together
before I call on Rhys. Having all that together, we
embark on a journey into the never never land of

Q : Tell us a bit about your recording methods …. how do you write your music – what tends to come first on a fresh piece, what gets a track going?   There is actually no rhyme or reason to how we put tracks together. One track could be started by a sample, which we build a rhythm track around. Another could have some good chord ideas for a chorus, then we build on that. So, we try, in general, to keep the song writing format unformalalic... we try and keep the song writing different, even in the smallest manner. We always try and find a new way to be inspired.   Q : What would you say you set out to achieve with Nuages Du Monde overall and did it happen?   First and foremost, our goal was to make a new
Delerium album. As far as goals go, we don't really set any when we are writing. We try and let creativity lead us through the whole procedure. At the end of the day, you don't really quite know how much you have
accomplished untill you get feedback from fans. It is always a mystery to write a new album. That is part of the excitement and allure of creating new music.
Q : Were there any tracks on Nuages Du Monde that really
hit something special for you?
  On one hand, every track has that special element
when you are writing it, other wise you wouldn't
pursue it. But, I must admit that "Tectonic shift" and
"Lumenis" really exemplify the album.
  Q : Is there a certain part of writing as Delerium that is
most difficult or time consuming?
  I would say the only part that would be considered
difficult is making sure that you don't repeat
yourself, and find new ways to present that delierium
feeling. For example, finding new chords that have
that dark, brooding ambiguity.
Q :  It’s generally understood that Delerium is primarily
your own band – but a number of others are deeply
involved. As Delerium stands currently – who does what
(vocalists aside)?

I do mostly songwriting, Rhys is the programmer/producer, and Greg is the sound engineer.

  Q : Fans enjoy discussing vocalists for your music – what
led to the final selection of singers for this album?
Anyone on your wish list still?

My wish list would be Sade, and Chris Martin. We
select singers that we think will fit the songs, and
it seems to work out every time. I am quite amazed at
how, when we give someone a song, and it comes back with lyrics.... it sounds so inspired, it sounds like
such a magical process.

Q :  Artwork for your CDs is always something special – how
involved are you in the development of the visuals.

I have worked hand in hand with Carol Anne from the
conception of Delierium and it has evolved into a real
great working collaboration. It feels like she is a
member of the project. She just knows what images to
come up with and has a free form to put forth her
creative ideas.

   Q :  The album seems to bring together most of Delerium’s
strengths – something of the moodiness of Karma with
the accessible brightness of Chimera – was that


Yes, I think that we went as poppy as possible with
Chimera, and wanted to get to the initial concept of
Delerium. We thought we should amalgamate both
ventures and try and create something that all
Delerium fans would enjoy.


 Q :  Did comments from fans have an impact on the direction
of the new album?
  No, we make a point never to let anybody dictate how
to express ourselves or be creative. In a lot of
instances, we like to piss people off and do what they
don't want. That is part of being the artist that is
true to them self. This goes for all our musical
   Q :  What do you think the future might hold for Delerium?
Would you be inclined to further explore the darkness and brooding aspects of Delerium’s sound or perhaps
use this project as a vehicle to focus on a more
accessible poppier sound?
  It is almost impossible to tell where Delerium will
end up. I think, from looking at the past, life has a
way of dictating and expressing itself upon a person.
This influences me, quite heavily, to where my musical
journey takes me. At this point, life is unclear... So
is the journey of delierium.


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