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01.09.08 - on release of Ornament of an Imposter’.


Q: What’s the story behind ‘Ornament of an Imposter’?   I got the title from just noticing so many people hide behind ornaments, material things and act like imposters when in fact they're not really that also looked good on print, ha!   Q:  How would you say your music has developed since The Lost Art of the Idle Moment?   Well I would say the music got darker and I wanted to really make sure it was an album I could play for anyone with no excuses.
Q:  What made you choose to write music in the style that you have adopted?
  I wanted to slowly get away from guest singers so started to think more instrumentally on this album.
  Q:  Who or what would you say are your musical influences?   At the moment Trentmoller, Gui Boratto, The Notwist.
Q:  What fuels your music – what gets you writing, playing?
  It really is an expression of a mood. It must be on inspiration how you get it. You can’t just say “let’s go write an album” You can try to put your self in that head space, but inspiration comes when it comes.   Q:  What process do you use to make music?   I do not work weekends, so often I get ideas on my free time and on Monday I can not wait to get back in my studio in Hollywood. Usually for me songs always start with a rhythm then usually a synth line or two, I get the idea flushed out a bit, I then bring in my writing partner Jamie Muhoberac who is an amazing keyboard player and he picks it up where I can not go. We write almost everything together.
Q:  How do you choose collaborators or singers for your music?   It usually starts with friends first, that is how Jem, Kate Havnevik and Esthero evolved, then I reach out to singers I love, like The Deer Tracks, Blue Neck I really don’t care if they're famous or not.   Q:  How do you see your music developing in the future?   I see it being more instrumental and even darker...
Q:  What other projects are involved with currently?   I am preparing my remix album from my album which is really great, some great remixes. I just remixed West Indian Girl, Supreme Beings of Leisure among other things I am producing. On the artist format I am a co founder of Niyaz and we have our second album out which is doing really well. I also am in another band called Lal Meri both on Six Degrees records as well it comes out on January 09. Oh yeah I did an HBO show which I am in, called The Song Story which is about a record producer discovering talent on the web and producing it. I had a blast filming that can’t wait until it comes out!!   Q:  What music do you listen to for pleasure?  


To be honest a lot of classical , jazz and mellow music, thank god for internet radio!! Between KCRW & Radio Nova I am set!




Thanks to Carmen for allowing us that interview.