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08.05.09 - anticipating release of Leylines



Q: It has been a while since Memory Shell – what musical experiences have shaped the Aes Dana sound since then?   I worked on several albums with the Ultimae artists, and especially the H.U.V.A. Network [ Ephemeris ] with Magnus.
Also did a couple of pieces for Les Dominicains de Haute Alsace, with whom I’ll start an artistic residence from early 2010.
  Q:  What did you have in mind when you began work on the new album Leylines?   Leylines took two years on and off in the making. But it’s the second version of the album. I crashed a hard drive and couldn't retrieve all data properly.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of lines of energy, geomagnetic forces. I wanted to write an album that would relate those flows.

Q:  How did your plans develop as recording got under way?
  I don’t plan music at all. Some of the best moments come from recording accidents as I call them.
I play around with an effect it doesn’t go the way I want but hey…what’s that sound?
  Q: Where was the album recorded – what’s your working environment like?  

The album was recorded at my studio in Lyon and Les Dominicains de Haute Alsace.
I live in the town center in a beautiful old attic.

Q:  Are there any interesting experiences that you had during the making of the album?  

All times of composition are interesting moments, times for experimentation.

  Q:  What differences in sound do you think the fans might notice in comparison with previous works?   To me Leylines is a cross over album. I keep my downtempo trancey side and mix it with classical and electronica influences.
Q:  How would you describe Leylines to someone unfamiliar with Aes Dana’s music?   I think I should leave that question to you, you describe music so well ;)   Q:  What are the graphics for this package all about?   I worked with Rodolphe Bessey, a French contemporary artist. I deeply enjoy and relate to his work.
We used various of his photograms, the child hands with alchemist style circles and symbols is one of my favourite of his creations.
Inside the booklet there’s also a shot of Passport, a short film by Amund Lie for which I created music.
Q:  How are you feeling about the album now that it’s complete?
  Pretty good, excited to receive it today at the Ultimae office as a matter of fact!
Touched by the amazing feedback I’ve been getting so far and by the precious fan support.



Thanks to Vincent Villuis for allowing us that interview.