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Since Morpheus is constantly receiving and reviewing new CDs our collection has become more than we can reasonably hold and regularly play.
It seems a real shame for so many CDs to be sitting on shelves simply as an archive - we would prefer someone to get the benefit of this great music.
So we are offering a number of previously reviewed CDs to anyone who would appreciate them.
All we ask is that you email offering a donation for any CD you would like and cover the postage.
We are not out to make money from this arrangement and so any reasonable offer will be accepted and will support the running of the site.
Also the fact the we are offering these discs is no indication that they are unloved - it's a real shame to part with some albums.


If you would like to take advantage of this arrangment please follow these steps:

1. Email telling us which CD/CDs you would like and how much you are prepared to donate for each one.
We will happily send you more than one CD - but please list each one separately.

2. Wait for a reply to confirm that your offer has been accepted.

3. We will ask you to send us a Stamped Addressed Envelope if possible.
Please ensure you put on sufficient postage to cover delivery of the CD/CDs you choose from London, U.K.
We will post your discs in whatever envelope/packaging you send to us and will take no responsibility for lost/damaged discs.
If sending SAE is not practical - please contribute enough to cover packaging and be patient as we shop for suitable packaging.

4. Once your SAE is in the post you will be asked to make your donation via the Paypal button here:




List soon to be updated.